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CRM Implementation Roadmap

We help you chart the path to achieving customer excellence.

Customer Capital Consulting’s CRM implementation roadmap is a detailed multi-phase execution plan that helps you operationalise and realise your strategic vision in customer engagement. The project starts with formulating your CRM vision, mission and continues to survey your organisation’s customer management landscape. CRM issues relating to customer, marketing, selling and account management, contact points (or channels),customer service and support-related issues and potential improvement opportunities are then identified. The right opportunities are prioritised and technology architecture discussions are convened to build and optimise the organisation’s customer centric capabilities. Benefits to be reaped by the organisation associated with execution of the roadmap will also be communicated.

The implementation roadmap allows you to think big, start small and scale fast by systematically working towards increasing your competitiveness and profitability, building and sustaining commitment through the organisation, minimising any ad hoc spending on less critical projects, reducing risk of any reworks, and in the longer term, protecting the organisation’s investments.

This project can be conducted independently or as phase 2 of the CRM feasibility study (expanded scope).


Have you ever wondered?

  • Are you optimising your sales growth?
  • Are your marketing campaigns efficient and effective?
  • Is customer care increasing your service level and revenue?
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