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Customer Experience Design

Many organisations' vision and mission statements promise to place customers as their number one priority and as many organisations aspire to be 'customer centric'. However, few companies put time and resources to determine what customer-centricity actually means or understand how best to deliver their promises to their customers.

When customers interact with an organisation through various touchpoints, they form an opinion about the organisation based on their experience of the interaction. This experience, whether positive, negative or neutral, reflects on the organisation and influences the customers' decision on how they will subsequently engage (or disengage) the organisation. Hence, the design and management of this experience to achieve the desired customer experience is an important part of CRM. Consistently good customer experiences enhance your brand, create the bond between you and your customers and ensure a more profitable and sustainable business.

Customer Capital Consulting leverages on customer process innovations and our customer experience framework and tools to assess and design the desired Customer Experience based on what is most important to your customers. The outcome is to operationalise your organisation's customer strategy.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Are you optimising your sales growth?
  • Are your marketing campaigns efficient and effective?
  • Is customer care increasing your service level and revenue?
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