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The Customer Capital Difference

CRM is a business decision.

Beyond CRM systems, we believe the business aspects of your company are equally important. For this reason, our team of consultants come from diverse backgrounds including CRM practitioners, business owners, business consultants and strategists, as well as IT experts.

At Customer Capital Consulting, we are driven by our passion for CRM and a strong desire to achieve results for our clients.  It takes a consulting firm with the rich skill-sets and business experience to be able to surface real CRM issues and formulate effective strategies to help you operationalise and attain your organisational goals.


What makes us different?

It is CRM and nothing
Because we focus on what we do the best- Customer Relationship Management, we have managed many CRM projects and in the process, gain deeper insights into a wide range of business and customer issues. The result: we get better in what we do. The speed and quality of our delivery lower the project risk, translating to time and monetary savings for you.

A strong team with a multi-disciplinary focus
We are CRM strategists, consultants, implementers, program manager and trainers. Not only are we familiar with the nuts and bolts of CRM software implementations, we are able to incorporate our practical industry experiences into our strategy, consulting and training work to make our approach holistic, our recommendations realistic, and most importantly, results attainable. 

We work with companies of various sizes
While we have successfully worked with large organisations for corporate-wide CRM initiatives, we have also worked closely with small and medium-sized enterprises or specific divisions in organisations to resolve CRM issues.  In our projects, we have also engaged all levels of stakeholders including C-level management, frontline staff, customers and other employees.

Flexibility and Collaboration is key because every client is different
At Customer Capital Consulting, you will not see duplicate solutions. We seek to understand your unique requirements so as to derive the best CRM solution that is suitable for and unique to your organisation. 

Strong track record
Our clients’ successes are evidenced from their strong endorsement of our high quality deliverables. We put ourselves into your shoes, view your business from your perspectives and focus on workable actions to deliver consistent, seamless, high quality client services.

We take pride in being your trusted advisors.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Is your customer acquisition, cross sell, up sell, retention process optimised?
  • How well do you know your customers? Do you even know who they are?
  • Do you rank high on the customer "stickiness" index?
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