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Our Firm

While customers are widely recognised as one of the key assets of any organisation, very few companies plan, understand, manage and maximise value from their interactions and relationships with their customers.   Customer Capital Consulting is dedicated to help companies unveil the potential and optimise your customers, partners, marketing, sales, servicing capabilities to create trusted business and customer relationships.

Founded by a team of highly qualified professionals with firsthand understanding and deep insights in CRM strategy, process, and technology solutions (including Oracle/Siebel CRM, various CRM solutions leveraging on Microsoft technology, SAP CRM etc) and having successfully led multiple projects at international consulting firms and MNCs in Asia Pacific, we are heartened to record a high customer satisfaction rate to date.

Our success arises from a client-centric business model which emphasises on four areas:

  • An integrated business-technology-organisation approach which can be customised to address our clients’ most critical challenges;
  • Leveraging on the varied expertise of Customer Capital Consulting’s team of CRM consultants  - CRM domain, information technology, as well as industry and business-specific knowledge;
  • Collaborating closely with clients and
  • Working with suitable professional partners, if necessary, to deliver optimal project outcome.


Have you ever wondered?

  • Is your customer acquisition, cross sell, up sell, retention process optimised?
  • How well do you know your customers? Do you even know who they are?
  • Do you rank high on the customer "stickiness" index?
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