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Marketing, Sales and Service Process Design and CRM System Implementation

Customer Capital Consulting’s solutions provide strong foundation for and optimise your organisation’s customer, marketing, selling and/ or customer services functions. Our services include identify, review and design of these customer related business processes and implementation of an integrated CRM system to complete these optimisation initiatives.

Our team of CRM consultants has extensive implementation experience with various CRM systems including Oracle/ Siebel CRM, different CRM solutions leveraging on Microsoft technology, SAP CRM etc. We work collaboratively with the major CRM software vendors to deliver a CRM solution best suited to your needs.

Customer Capital Consulting’s CRM process and implementation solutions reap the following benefits for your customer and organisation:

  • Sales: increase efficiency of your sales force to help you acquire, manage and retain customers, enhance overall account management, reduce administrative overheads and improve visibility of the sales pipeline progress.

  • Marketing: institute practices for leads management and closed loop marketing, organise and analyse customer information, improve efficiency to manage marketing campaigns and facilitate continuous improvement.

  • Service: increase the quality of interactions with your customers through an integrated approach in managing touchpoints including email, call centres, web, face-to-face interactions etc.


Have you ever wondered?

  • Are you optimising your sales growth?
  • Are your marketing campaigns efficient and effective?
  • Is customer care increasing your service level and revenue?
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